Neo Geo MVS Refurb Part 5: Solder time

One upside about this MVS system is that it is actually in pretty good shape electronically.  The issue is that the monitor is less than perfect with some alignment issues and vertical distortion and the MVS board is only playing the right audio channel.  Thankfully both of these issues can be fixed with some fresh electrolytic capacitors.  Using a cap kit for both the MVS-4F and Wells-Gardner K7100 series, I could get all of the components like new again.

For the MVS, I unplugged and removed the board from the cabinet.  Being horizontally mounted, it was a dusty mess, so I removed the metal cover and separated the two boards.  Using canned air, contact cleaner, and cotton swabs, I went about clean both sides of each boards as well as any contacts themselves.  Once that is done, I turned to the audio circuits found on the bottom left of the bottom board.  Using a good soldering iron, solder sucker, and a bit of solder wick, I carefully removed all 22 of the capacitors and replaced them.  For the monitor, I unplugged and carefully discharged the monitor and removed the main board below the tube (with the flyback intact).  I again cleaned this board the same as the MVS and proceeded to desolder and replace the 17 capacitors there.  Note that the solder pads on these boards are enormous, so these cap replacements were super easy.

After plugging everything back in, I checked that the headphone jack from the MVS was now outputting to both channels.  Since it was, I spliced an old 1/8″ stereo audio cable in to the MVS’ headphone out cable and plugged it in to the new speaker system.  Everything sounds fantastic with the subwoofer giving a nice little kick and the external volume control making things a bit more home friendly.  The monitor was better as well and with a quick picture adjustment looks almost as good as new.

Inside and out, the game is now done.


~ by Lifespan on December 1, 2011.

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